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Stations By Country: Portugal


97fm Rádio Clube de Pombal

4Drive Jazz

jazz fusion, nu-jazz, +1 others


ABC Portugal

latin, latino, +1 others

Algarve FM

Alive FM

local music

Alvor FM

pop, top 40

Antena 1

talk & speech

Antena 1 (national feed, RTP)

live sports, local music, +2 others

Antena 1 Açores (RTP)

live sports, local music, +2 others

Antena 1 Fado (RTP)


Antena 1 Lusitânia (RTP)

local music, m3u8 chunk list, +1 others

Antena 1 Madeira (RTP)

live sports, local music, +2 others

Antena 2 (AAC)


Antena 2 (AAC)


Antena 2 (RTP)

baroque, classical, +1 others

Antena 2 Jazzin'

jazz, portugal, +1 others

Antena 3 (AAC)

alternative, pop

Antena 3 (RTP)

dance, pop, +1 others

Antena 3 Madeira (RTP)

dance, pop, +1 others

Antena Livre

local music

BBN Portuguese


BBN Portuguese


Canal FM

80s, top 40

Cidade FM

Cidade FM

128 kbit/s, aac

Cidade Hip Hop

hip-hop, hiphop


pop, popular

Deep in Radio

electro, house, +1 others

Diana FM

local music, news, +1 others

Diário Campánario

culture, local news, +1 others

Emissora das Beiras

local music, talk

Engenharia Rádio

alternative, independent radio, +1 others

Estação Diária

electro, pop, +1 others

Fama Rádio

local news, pop music


electro, heavy metal, +5 others

FUTURA - Rádio de Autor

Golo FM


Hiper FM

electro, pop, +1 others

Horizonte FM

local music

diverse music, local news, +1 others

Íris FM

local music, politics, +1 others

Jams and Kooks

alternative rock, indie, +2 others

Kiss FM Algarve

algarve, pop, +1 others

Kuriakos Cine TV

Kuriakos Kids TV

Kuriakos TV

M80 Radio


Mega Hits

pop, top 40

MRR Manitu Rock Radio

classic rock, hard rock, +3 others


pop rock, rock


music, talk


dance, electronic, +1 others

Oxigénio 102.6

Posto Emissor do Funchal (Canal 1 - OM)

Posto Emissor do Funchal FM

local music, news, +1 others

Posto Emissor do Funchal OM

Posto Emissor do Funchal OM

madeira, portugal, +1 others


alternative, indie, +1 others

Rádio 5


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