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classical, cultural, +2 others

Gorenjska TV

Hit Radio Center (Ljubljana - 102.4MHz)

mix, pop, +1 others

Hitradio Center

public radio

Hitradio center 80's

public radio

Hitradio center fresh pop

public radio

Hitradio center latin

public radio

Hitradio center love

Hitradio center megamix

public radio

Hitradio center rock

public radio

Hitradio center top 100

Hitradio center yu

public radio

Muravidéki Magyar Rádió

minority, public radio, +1 others

Odprti radio


Primorski val

public radio

Radio 1

entertainment, music, +1 others

Radio 1 - Maribor (107.9MHz)

Radio 2

Radio Aktual

dalmatia, ex-yu music, +1 others

Radio Antena

pop, top 40

Radio Antena (105.2MHz)

mix, pop, +2 others

Radio BOB


Radio Capodistria

adult contemporary, international, +4 others

Radio Capris 80

Radio Capris 90 DANCE

Radio Capris 90 POP

Radio Capris Dalmacija

Radio Capris EX - YU

Radio Capris Hits

Radio Capris ITALIA

Radio Capris LOVE

love songs

Radio Capris POLETJE

Radio Capris Rock


Radio Capris SLO

Radio Celje

Radio City

Radio City (Maribor) 100.6 FM

adult hits, regional

Radio Ekspres

Radio Expres


Radio Fantasy

Radio Koper

local programming, public radio, +1 others

Radio KRka

balkan, mix, +2 others

Radio Maribor

general, local

Radio MARŠ

student radio

Radio Nula

cafe, disco, +4 others

radio nula 2

Radio Nula Classics

beat, funk, +3 others

radio nula lounge

Radio Ognjišče - mp3 stream

katoliški, ognjišče, +3 others

Radio Prvi

news, public radio, +1 others

Radio Put Srece


Radio Rogla

Radio Roška

ljubljana, slovenija

Radio Salomon

dance, hiphop, +1 others

Radio Salomon Dance Now

dance, eurodance

Radio Si

adult contemporary, international, +2 others

Radio Sora


Radio Sraka

folk, folklore

Radio Študent

cultural, public, +1 others

Radio Študent

cultural, low bandwidth, +2 others


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