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Stations By Country: The Russian Federation

The Russian Federation

Trap Radio

dubstep, edm, +1 others

«Открытое Слово»


101 ru enigmatic


101,ru Russian Dance

#101, #music, +2 others - Boney M.

euro disco, pop, +1 others - Deep House

deep house, electronic - Drum & Bass

drum & bass, drum and bass, +1 others - Electronic - French Chanson

classical - Techno

electronic, music, +1 others ABBA

pop, pop music Bard songs - Авторская Песня

bard, chanson Bard songs - Авторская Песня

bard, liedermacher, +2 others Trance

trance Victory Day - День Победы

9. may, ww ii ДДТ, 64kbps, +4 others Любэ, 64kbps, +3 others СССР 30-50

oldies, ussr СССР 30-50

russian, ussr СССР 50-70

russia, ussr Стас Михайлов Виктор Цой и группа «КИНО»

kino, rock, +3 others

16Bit FM CAFE Channel 192K stream#1 MOSCOW


16BIT FM I.D.E.A. Channel 192K stream#1 MOSCOW

moscow, music, +1 others

16Bit FM PRObeat Channel 192K stream#1 MOSCOW

main, mainstream, +3 others

16Bit.FM Cafe

chillout, relaxation

3 Music Radio - Harmony

ambient, meditation, +2 others - AY music

8 bit, 8bit, +1 others


8 bit, breakbeat, +3 others

Absolute Spitzer (Mixcult)


Anima Amoris - Goa Psy Trance

goa, psytrance

Anima Amoris [Trance]

electronic, music, +3 others

Anima Amoris Ambient

ambient, deep, +1 others

Anima Amoris Bible

bible, religion

Anima Amoris Deep Tech House

Anima Amoris Drum and Bass

bass, drum and bass, +1 others

Anima Amoris Dub Step

Anima Amoris Dub Techno

ambient, chillout, +4 others

Anima Amoris Dub Techno Mix

dub, mix, +1 others

Anima Amoris Electro

Anima Amoris Electronic Styles

Anima Amoris IDM

Anima Amoris New Age

Anima Amoris Trip Hop Lounge


anime, japanese, +2 others

Art Remix


atmospheric, breakbeat, +3 others



Avtoradio 105.5 FM Serpukhov

local news, pop, +4 others


big beat


fashionable, popular!, +4 others

Best FM

Big Radio Murmansk


Big Room

101, big, +7 others

Big Tunes Radio - Bass

bass, dance, +3 others

Big Tunes Radio - House

dance, electronic, +1 others

Big Tunes Radio - Oldschool

disco, hiphop, +2 others


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