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Stations By Country: The United Kingdom Of Great Britain And Northern Ireland

The United Kingdom Of Great Britain And Northern Ireland

BOX : Kiddiestream Kids Radio

children, kids

BOX : Old Time Radio

old time radio, otr

__80s Live__

1980s, 80er, +13 others

#1980s Zoom

1980s, 24/7, +4 others

10 Radio 105.3 - Wiveliscombe

community radio, somerset, +1 others

100% Hip Hop | NTS


1020 Radio

ambient, bass, +8 others

105.9 Academy FM (Folkestone)

107.8 Academy FM

00s, hits, +1 others

1940s 1950s Radio Retro


drum & bass, electronic, +2 others


1Mix EDM Radio

edm, trance

1Mix Radio Trance

club, trance

24 Horas Rádio

gospel, religion, +1 others


2XS Rocks

indie, alternative, +1 others

4 To The Floor | NTS

disco, house, +1 others

45 Radio

60s, 70s, +3 others

80's on Dash

1980s, 80s, +7 others

80s Eagle

1980, 1980's, +9 others

80s Soundtracks Radio

80s, soundtracks

128 kbps, comedy, +1 others

Abbey 104 Sherborne

community radio, sherborne

Absolute Radio

bauer radio, modern adult contemporary

Absolute Radio 00s

Absolute Radio 10s

Absolute Radio 60s

1960s, 60s

Absolute Radio 70's

Absolute Radio 70s

Absolute Radio 80s


Absolute Radio 80s

Absolute Radio 90s

Absolute Radio Classic Rock

Actual Radio Colchester

best music, classic hits, +10 others

Adventist Radio London

ccm, gospel

aerial community radio

Air 107.2

community radio

ALL FM 96.9

arts, community radio, +4 others

Alt New Rock

Angel Radio

20s, 30s, +7 others

Angel Radio

40, 40/50

Angel Radio (HQ)

nostalgia, oldies, +1 others

Angel Radio 101.1 FM UK

ballads, big bands, +4 others

Antenna Radio

pop, pop music

Apple FM 97.3 Taunton

community radio, taunton


classic rock, hard rock, +2 others


Asian Star Radio

bhangra, bollywood classics, +1 others

Atlantic Rado UK

70s, 80s, +4 others


ATP Tennis Radio

sport, talk, +1 others

Aycliffe Radio

local radio

Back2Back FM

funk, jazz, +1 others

Bailiwick Radio Classics

70s, 80s, +2 others


community radio, dj sets, +2 others

Banita Maxx Radio

dance, pop


drum and bass, dubstep, +1 others



BBC Afrique Radio

africa, afrique, +2 others


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