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The following will answer the most important questions you have about Radio Trip, giving you detailed information about each available feature.

How Do I Sign Up for Radio Trip?

Sorry, but the user account functionality is currently in development.

How much does Radio Trip cost?

Free! Radio Trip is completely free to use; no credit card is necessary, and we will broadcast advertisements on multiple screens.

If you want to use features that are only available to Pro subscribers, you can sign up for an optional paid Pro subscription (coming soon). On our plans page, you can get a complete list of our features.

How much is Radio Trip Pro?

We now have monthly and annual subscriptions available. Please see our plans page for further information.

Why am I hearing commercials during live streams?

The advertisements you're hearing are part of the broadcaster's feed.

Why is the radio station I'm attempting to listen to constantly buffering?

If your network connection does not have adequate bandwidth for your stream, you may experience frequent buffering.

Why do some radio station show what's currently playing while others don't?

Some radio station display what is playing in their streaming link (metadata), whereas others do not. This varies depending on the radio station.