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__80S__ by rautemusik (

80, 80's, +6 others

__GOLDIES__ by rautemusik (

oldschool, classic rock, +26 others

#HiFi 80s

80s, 1980s, +24 others


80s, 1980's, +4 others

113 FM 80's Pop / Soft Rock

soft rock, 80's

70 80 Disco Funk ModernSoul e Boogie

boogie, 80, +9 others

70s 80s Disco Funk ModernSoul Boogie

boogie, funk, +11 others

80s Eagle

non stop, oldies, +9 others

80s Heart

80, 80s, +21 others

80s Radio

80s, 80, +6 others


top40, hits, +5 others

Bayern 1 Schwaben (128k - New Stream 9/2020)

adult contemporary, 60's, +6 others

BDJ Radio – 80s & 90s Sound of your Life

eurodance, dance, +7 others

Blackwwod FM

80's, 90's, +2 others

Central Coast

oldies 50's/60's, hits 70's, +25 others


disco funk, funk, +12 others

CLASSIC HITS RADIO 70 80 DiscoFunk ModernSoul Boogie

classic hits, 80, +7 others


classic hits, 70's, +8 others

Doble Nueve - Heritage

90's, 80's, +1 others

Exclusively 80’s

80, 80's, +3 others

Éxtasis Digital (Ciudad de México) - Online - Radiorama - Ciudad de México

hot ac, adult contemporary, +46 others

Éxtasis Digital (Cuernavaca) - 107.7 FM - XHASM-FM - Radiorama - Cuernavaca, MO

hot ac, adult contemporary, +48 others

Éxtasis Digital (Guadalajara) - 105.9 FM - XHQJ-FM - Radiorama - Guadalajara, JC

hot ac, adult contemporary, +48 others

Éxtasis Digital (León) - 95.9 FM - XHGTO-FM - Radiorama - León, GT

hot ac, adult contemporary, +46 others

Éxtasis Digital (Poza Rica) - 105.9 FM - XHCOV-FM - Radiorama / Radio Resultados - Poza Rica, VE

hot ac, adult contemporary, +47 others

Éxtasis Digital (Tuxtla) - 103.5 FM - XHTUG-FM - Grupo Radio Comunicación - Tuxtla Gutiérrez, CS

hot ac, adult contemporary, +50 others

Free FM

free, free fm, +7 others

Frekvence 1 - Youradio Osmdesátky


Hala Sabratha

80's, music

Hard Rock FM

80's, hair metal, +1 others

Joe 80's


La Poderosa (Mexicali) - 96.9 FM - XHMUG-FM - Radiorama - Mexicali, BC

la poderosa, radiorama, +42 others - The Blitz Kids

new romantic, new wave, +5 others

internet radio, rund um die uhr für euch spielen wir für euch ein mix dance, +18 others info zur veranstaltung von unsere künstler und immer neue hits am start aus den aktuelle charts und news und nachrichten und das wetter info über unsere radiopartner auf unser radiowebseite ?, rund um die uhr für euch spielen wir für euch ein mix dance, +11 others

My 80s 90s Years

90er, 90s, +3 others

New Wave Radio


Nostalgie Vlaanderen

70's, 90's, +2 others


classic hits, 60's, +2 others

NPO Radio 5

80's, 70's, +2 others

NPO Radio 5

60's, 70's, +4 others

ORO 94.9 (Puebla) - 94.9 FM - XHORO-FM - Grupo ORO - Puebla, PU

grupo oro, puebla, +30 others

Radio 10

classic hits, 00's, +3 others

Radio Caprice NWOBHM

hard rock, 80's metal, +1 others

Radio Caprice NWOBHM

hard rock, 80's metal, +1 others

Radio fresh80s


Radio I

polish, poland, +7 others

Radio Platino

80's trova 90's

Radio Spectro

tango, bossa nova, +6 others

Radio Veronica

rock, pop, +4 others


70s, 70's, +10 others

Red FM

the best of 80's, 90's and more!

Retro (Mérida) - 103.1 FM - XHPYM-FM - Cadena RASA - Mérida, YU

retro, mérida, +39 others

rjfm club 80

hd, 1980s, +1 others

Sky Radio

10's, 00's, +3 others

Sólo Hits (Martínez de la Torre) - 104.5 FM - XHGMS-FM - Grupo MS Multimedios - Martínez de la Torre, VE

grupo ms multimedios, martínez de la torre, +38 others


rock classics, pop, +7 others

Stereo Cien - 100.1 FM - XHMM-FM - NRM Comunicaciones - Ciudad de México

stereo cien, nrm comunicaciones, +38 others

Traxx FM - Golden Oldies

commercial-free, no ads, +7 others

UVA 90.5 (Aguascalientes) - 90.5 FM - XHUVA-FM - Radiogrupo - Aguascalientes, AG

uva 90.5, radiogrupo, +46 others


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