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Stations By Genre: aac


Cidade FM

128 kbit/s, aac

ČRo D-dur

32k, aac+, +3 others

ČRo Dvojka

32k, aac+, +3 others

ČRo Jazz

32k, aac+, +3 others

ČRo Rádio Junior

32k, aac+, +3 others

ČRo Radio Wave

32k, aac+, +3 others

ČRo Vltava

128k, aac+, +3 others

ČRo Vltava

32k, aac+, +3 others

aac, dubstep

Europe 1

aac, info, +1 others

Europe 1

aac, news, +1 others


aac, music, +2 others

FIP Electro

aac, electro, +2 others

FIP Groove

aac, groove, +2 others

FIP Jazz

aac, jazz, +2 others

FIP Musiques du monde

aac, public radio, +2 others


aac, pop, +2 others

FIP Reggae

aac, public radio, +2 others

FIP Rock

aac, public radio, +2 others

France Culture

aac, culture, +2 others

France Info

aac, information, +2 others

France Inter

aac, general, +2 others

France Musique

aac, musique, +2 others

France Musique Classique Easy

aac, classical, +2 others

France Musique Classique Plus

aac, long pieces of classical music, +2 others

France Musique Concerts Radio France

aac, public radio, +2 others

France Musique La B.O.

aac, movie soundtracks, +2 others

France Musique La Baroque

aac, classical, +2 others

France Musique La Contemporaine

aac, contemporary music, +2 others

France Musique La Jazz

aac, jazz, +2 others

France Musique OCORA

aac, public radio, +3 others

Hotmix Radio Platinum [AAC 48kbps]

48kbps, aac, +2 others

Hotmix Radio Platinum [AAC 64kbps]

64kbps, aac, +2 others

Ich hasse Sport - Barbaradio - 64 kbps aac

64kbps, aac, +3 others

Impuls Raaaadio 32k aac

32k, aac

Intergalactic FM - The Dream Machine

aac+, den haag, +4 others

KALX 90.7FM Berkeley

aac, berkeley, +2 others

Moje Polskie Genesis aac

aac, artist


aac, music, +2 others

Mouv' Classics

aac, hip-hop and rap oldies, +3 others

Mouv' DanceHall

aac, dancehall, +3 others

Mouv' Kids 'n Family

aac, hip-hop, +4 others

Mouv' R'n'B & Soul

aac, public radio, +4 others

Mouv' Rap Français

aac, french rap, +3 others

Radio 1

32 kbps ve formátu aac

Radio BOB Punk

64kbps, aac

Rádio Comercial

128kbit, aac

Radio Eska - Kraków

64kbps, aac

Radio Meuh

100% music, aac, +4 others

Radio Nowy Świat

64 kbps, aac+

Radio Paradise World/Etc Mix 64k AAC+

aac+, ethnic, +2 others

SomaFM Drone Zone 32k AAC

32 kbps, aac, +3 others

SomaFM: Vaporwaves [AAC 128kb]

128kbit, aac+, +3 others

Tout nouveau, tout FIP

aac, music, +2 others

WKRL 100.9 "KROCK"

64 kbps, aac

WZOK "97ZOK" Rockford, IL

aac, contemporary hits, +1 others


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