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Aero Music

baladas, cumbia, +5 others

Antología Vallenata, XEH 14-20 (Monterrey) - 1420 AM - XEH-AM - Grupo Radio Centro - Monterrey, NL

1420, 1420 am, +25 others

Barranquilla Estereo

80s, cumbia, +4 others

Buenisiima (Cuernavaca) - 88.5 FM - XHCM-FM - Grupo Audiorama Comunicaciones - Cuernavaca, MO

88.5, 88.5 fm, +18 others

Candela (Mérida) - 95.3 FM - XHMH-FM - Cadena RASA - Mérida, YU

95.3, 95.3 fm, +27 others

Candela (Tizimín) - 96.3 FM - XHUP-FM - Cadena RASA - Tizimín, YU

96.3, 96.3 fm, +26 others

Candela (Valladolid) - 92.7 FM - XHUM-FM - Cadena RASA - Valladolid, YU

92.7, 92.7 fm, +26 others

Carnaval Curicó


Carnaval Quillota


Ecua Zona Stereo

bachata, baladas, +5 others

Ecuanonima (Radios Ecuador Online)

balada, chicha ecuatoriana, +4 others

Energia Digital (Radios Ecuador Online)

cumbia ecuatoriana, pasacalles, +2 others

FM Esperanza 107.1 - Maquinista Savio

chamame, conurbano, +2 others


bailable, cumbia peruana, +1 others



La Carperita

carpera, cumbia, +1 others

La dura Ec

bachata, chicha, +3 others

La Farra Estacion 92.9 FM

bachata, baladas, +6 others

La Main Street (Radios Ecuador Online)

chicha ecuatoriana, cumbia ecuatoriana, +3 others

La Más Buena (Córdoba) - 104.5 FM - XHEVC-FM - NTR Medios de Comunicación - Córdoba, VE

104.5, 104.5 fm, +35 others

La Morlaquita (Radios Ecuador Online)

chicha ecuatoriana, cumbia ecuatoriana, +2 others

La radio de Moda Ec

bachata, chicha, +5 others

La Suprema Estación 96.1 FM

bachata, chicha, +7 others

La tukka Ec

bachata, chicha, +6 others

La Voz del Tomebamba 1070 AM

bachata, chicha, +7 others

OL3 Radio

afrobeats, cumbia, +6 others


peruvian cumbia

Punto 7 Concepción

bailable, cumbia, +2 others

Punto 7 Los Angeles

bailable, cumbia, +2 others

Punto 7 Osorno

bailable, cumbia, +2 others

Punto 7 Puerto Montt

bailable, cumbia, +2 others

Punto 7 Valdivia

bailable, cumbia, +2 others

Punto 7 Valparaiso

bailable, cumbia, +2 others

Radio Altura - Recuay, Cátac, Ticapampa y Huallanca - Ancash Perú

baladas, cumbias, +6 others

Radio Catalina

cumbia, latin, +2 others

Radio Catedral (Azogues)

católica, chicha, +4 others

Radio Cumbia (OAQ-9H, 107.1 MHz FM, Chachapoyas, Amazonas)

amazon cumbia, cumbia, +2 others

Radio Cumbia 90s

90s, bailable, +2 others

Radio Cumbia Mix

cumbia, merengue, +1 others

Radio DeeJay 92.5

cumbia, dj, +2 others

Radio Ecua Stereo | Ecuador

bachata, baladas, +8 others

Radio FM Cumbiambera

argentina, cumbia, +2 others

Radio Huancayo

peruvian cumbia, pop music, +1 others

Radio Karibeña 94.9

cumbia peruana, peru

Radio La Mega

cumbia, folklore, +4 others

Radio Nova (Trujillo)

local radio, peruvian cumbia

Radio Nueva Q (OCZ-4P, 107.1 MHz, Lima)

bachata, baladas, +4 others

Radio Ultimito Mix

bachata, baladas, +12 others

Radio Unión

chicha, cumbia, +2 others

Radio Zona 5 93.3 - Chiclayo

cumbia, musica variada

Sabrosita Mix Radio (Aguascalientes) - Online - Aguascalientes, AG

aguascalientes, bailable, +16 others

Selvática Radio

amazon cumbia

Tropibox FM 107.1


Tropicalisima 1350 AM "El sonido de la calle" (XEQK) IMER

bachata, bolero, +14 others

zona musical esterio * Perú

balada, cumbia, +7 others


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