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- 0 N - Gothic on Radio ON Gothic

dark, darkwave, +6 others

- 0 N - Gothic on Radio ON Gothic

dark, darkw, +6 others

Cathedral 13

darkwave, deathcore, +5 others

Dark Ambient Radio (96k AAC+)

ambient, dark, +1 others

Dark Asylum Radio

darkwave, ebm, +2 others

Dark Metal-Radio

dark electro, gothic, +5 others

Dark Star FM

dark & wave classics, dark music, +3 others


dark wave, ebm, +8 others


darkwave, retrowave, +1 others

Darksynth Radio

80s, darkwave, +6 others


dark wave, ebm, +6 others


darkwave, ebm, +6 others

Flatlines Radio

darkwave, ebm, +9 others


ambient, dark ambient

Hazzard of Darkness

alternative, darkwave, +5 others

HEXX 9 Radio

ambient, darkwave, +5 others

Iceradio Germany

cold wave, coldwave, +7 others

Klangwald Radio

darkwave, ebm, +4 others - Greyarea

atonal, dark ambient, +7 others

Laut.FM 80er-Zone

80s, dark wave, +2 others DarkClubRadio

alternative, darkwave, +4 others Schattenreich - The Gothic Radio

dark, gothic Schwarze Szene

dark wave, electro, +5 others


country, dark, +4 others

M'era Luna FM

darkwave, ebm, +2 others

M'era Luna FM (2019-02-25)

darkwave, ebm, +2 others


ambient, darkfolk, +8 others

Nightride FM

darkwave, retrowave, +1 others

Phoenix Club

dark, ebm, +1 others

Playground Radio

alternative, darkwave, +1 others Dark

dark, dark psytrance, +5 others

Radio Caprice - Atmospheric/Ambient Black Metal

atmospheric black metal, dark ambient, +1 others

Radio Caprice - Dark / Neo / Apocalyptic Folk

dark folk, neo folk

Radio Caprice - Dark Electro / Aggrotech

aggrotech, dark, +2 others

Radio Caprice - Dark Jazz

ambient jazz, dark, +3 others

Radio Caprice - Dark Psytrance


Radio Caprice - Dark Techno

darktechno, electronic, +1 others

radio caprice dark Techno HQ

dark techno, techno

Radio Caprice WITCH HOUSE

dark house, witch house

Radio Dunkle Welle

batcave, dark wave, +8 others

Radio Metropolis One

dark wave, elektro, +2 others

Radio Nachtflug

darkwave, ebm, +2 others

Radio No9

classic rock, community, +9 others

Radio Riel Reverie

celtic, darkwave, +2 others

Radio Shadowplay

alternative, darkwave, +7 others


darkpsy, full-on, +5 others

Retrowave One

darkwave, retrowave, +1 others

RetroWave One Radio

80s, cyberpunk, +9 others

Snore Radio

dark ambient, internetradiodotcom, +7 others

Sunshine Live - Bunker

beats, dark techno, +1 others

Synth Zone Radio

80s, darkwave, +5 others

Synthetic FM

cold wave, dark wave, +7 others

Ultra Dark Radio

80s, alternative, +9 others

Wyldwood Radio

dark folk, folk, +4 others

XWave Radio

dark wave, darkwave, +3 others


dark ambient, dungeon synth, +2 others


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