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Stations By Genre: italian pop

italian pop

_Radio Energy(USA)

2000s, 70s, +17 others

1.FM - Italia On Air Radio

italian pop


70, 80, +4 others

Allzic Radio Italia

classic italian pop, italian pop


afrobeats, beatgo, +8 others

Energy Italy (Switzerland)

italian, italian pop, +1 others

FreeTime Radio

dance, disco, +1 others

Giornale Radio Piemonte Melody

italian pop


italian pop

ITALIAN RADIO - Only (romantic) Italian Music

classic italian pop, love songs


europop, italian pop, +1 others

LatteMiele Puglia

italian pop

LatteMiele Taranto

italian pop

Lolli Radio Italia

italian pop

R101 Made in Italy

italian pop, mediaset

Radio Action 101 - Caffè Italia

italian pop, palermo

Radio Allegria

italian pop, local music

Radio Antenna 2

electronica, italian pop, +1 others

Radio Ascolta

60's, international, +3 others

Radio Azzurra

italian pop, oldies, +1 others

Radio Azzurra

italian pop, pop, +2 others

Radio Bellissima Italia

italian pop, toronto

Radio Biberon

italian pop

Radio Birikina

classic hits, italian pop

Radio Canelli Monferrato

canelli, italian pop

Radio Ciao

atessa, entertainment, +2 others

Radio Colosseo

italian pop, local music

Radio Cuneo Nord

adult contemporary, cuneo, +1 others

Radio Deejay Suona Italia

italian pop, l'espresso, +1 others

Radio Delta

foligno, italian pop

Radio Delta International

classic hits, italian pop, +2 others

Radio Diffusione Firenze

adult contemporary, firenze, +3 others

Radio Digitalia - Ricordi

60s, 70s, +2 others

Radio Easy&Italy

easy listening, italian pop

Radio Energy Italiana

italian pop

Radio F - Coppa Italiana

italian pop

Radio Fiemme 104

cavalese, folk music, +1 others

Radio Gibson Music

classic italian pop, pop

Radio Giulia

canosa di puglia, italian pop

Radio Internazionale

italian pop

Radio Italia - Sanremo

cologno monzese, italian pop, +1 others

Radio Italia - Solo Musica Italiana

cologno monzese, italian pop, +1 others

Radio Italia Canada

italian pop, rsl, +1 others

Radio Italia Charleroi

italian pop

Radio Italian Music

italian pop, rsl, +1 others

Radio Italianissima

italian pop

Radio Italy Live

italian pop, new york city, +1 others

Radio Kemonia

italian pop, pop, +2 others

Radio Kiss Kiss Sanremo Story

italian pop

Radio L'Olgiata LaLaLa Italia

adult contemporary, italian pop

Radio Lady

empoli, italian pop

Radio Leccocittà Continental

italian pop

Radio Luce

catholic, christian, +4 others

Radio Magic 2

avellino, folk music, +1 others

Radio Marconi "Musica & Notizie"

italian pop, news, +1 others

Radio Modena 90

carpi, italian pop

Radio Monte Altino

italian pop

Radio Monte Carlo Italia

italian, italian oldies, +1 others

Radio Onda Ligure Italia

albenga, italian pop

Radio Onyx

italian pop


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